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Conversational Faith Sharing

Evangelism is one of the church words we don’t talk about much. In many cases we are afraid to talk about it. What if sharing your faith meant just being yourself? What if we started listening to people’s stories instead of talking? What if we connected with people in their world before trying to save them? Let’s investigate the possibilities of these questions and more.

Facilitated by Rev. Jerry Chiles, Partner, Barnabas Partnership, Raleigh, North Carolina.

How to be a Hybrid Church

The pandemic and resultant quarantine taught churches and their congregations that we can worship, learn, pray, and gather virtually. Today, churches are faced with a new challenge as they consider how to minister both in person and online. As you look to build the bridge between what you’re doing now and what you will do in the future, discover how churches have applied relational tools—like social media, websites, emails, and even virtual worship—to an outdated invitational model. Discover what it means to be an effective hybrid church.

Led by Christen Kinard, Digital Congregations, Alexandria, Virginia.

Discovering, Nurturing, & Caring for Volunteers

Like any non-profit, a church needs volunteers. However, unique to the Church, we hope to help persons find a calling as they serve. Learn best practices for inviting persons to leadership roles and for encouraging them as they lead.

Facilitated by Rev. Dr. Rick Jordan, President of Great Bible Teachers and Partner, Barnabas Partnership, Lewisville, North Carolina

Financing Your Church Future

Churches need not only to survive but thrive financially in the future. Leaders today must understand why, what and how they can leverage assets, bless communities, empower entrepreneurs and create multiple streams of income to effectively fund ministry, mission and vision.

Led by Jeff Cranford, Retired BGAV Church Financial Specialist, Charlottesville, Virginia.

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