Jerry Chiles

God Help Us!

By Rev. Jerry Chiles In March 2020 we lifted our voices to heaven crying, “God help us! Deliver us from this pandemic called Covid-19.” At that point in time, we had no idea what would be the extent of the pandemic. Over and over, we cried out to God to deliver us.  When relief did […]

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I Don’t Know What to Do

By Rev. Jerry Chiles I have survived so far in this COVID-19 pandemic. I think I’m OK, but have some bumps and bruises. I find myself not knowing what comes next. I hear about lawsuits to allow churches to reopen, and I listened to the health experts who are very cautious.  What do I do?

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In the Middle of the Crisis

By Rev. Jerry Chiles You might be asking yourself, “Why am I here at this junction of history? Why am I having to go through this crisis? I am exhausted. God why are you doing this to us?” God is not the one who is doing this to us. Is God present in this crisis? Yes!

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People are the Most Important

We are in the relationship business. From the beginning God created us for relationship. Jesus became man to build relationships with us. He had compassion on the people. Everywhere he went he clashed with the Temple elite because he put people ahead of the rules. Some people are easy to love and these are probably

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