Ministry Calendar

2023 Ministry Calendar

February 11 – Ministry Design, an in-person/hybrid church leadership training event, Hayes Barton Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC (Cluster Level)

March 11 – In-person age-level church leadership training event, Calvary Baptist
Church, Monroe, NC (Encouragement Level)

November 5 – Re-Imagine, an in-person/hybrid church leadership training event, Neill’s Creek Baptist Church, Angier, NC (Cluster Level)

2022 Ministry Calendar

April 30 – Ministry Design, a training event for church leaders at Hayes Barton Baptist, Raleigh, NC (Cluster Level)

August 25 – Online training session with Elizabeth Hagan and her book, Brave Church (Encouragement Level)

2021 Ministry Calendar

February 20 – Ministry Design, a virtual training event for church leaders in Raleigh, NC (Cluster Level)

2020 Ministry Calendar

February 22– Ministry Design, training event for church leaders held in Raleigh, NC (Cluster Level)

2019 Ministry Calendar

January 1 – Paul Raybon continued discernment process from Spring 2018 with First Baptist Church, Black Mountain, North Carolina (Focus Level)

March 16 – Steve Zimmerman facilitated the ReShape conference for 10 Southside Virginia churches (Cluster Level)

March 23 – Steve Zimmerman conducted a Sunday School Leadership Training event for First Baptist Church, New Bern, North Carolina    (Encouragement Level)

April 28 – Steve Zimmerman concluded 15 month interim pastor role at State Line Baptist Church, Danville, Virginia (Focus Level)

June 1 – Paul Raybon started a six month discovery and discernment process with Providence Baptist Church, Hendersonville, North Carolina (Focus Level)

June 2 – Steve Zimmerman began interim pastor role at Greenpond Baptist Church, Chatham, Virginia (Focus Level)