Fresh Eyes

By Rev. Dr. Rick Jordan We see what we want to see. At other times, we don’t see what is in plain view to others. We all have blind spots. What are yours? What are your church’s? Sometimes we need a set of fresh eyes to find out. I asked my father-in-law, who had redesigned

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You’ve Got to See This!

By Rev. Dr. Rick Jordan Recently, my wife and I spent a week with our son and daughter-in-law, Todd and Stacey, in Utah. One night, while he was grilling some steaks, Todd heard an owl call. He rushed into the house with the cooked steaks saying, “I heard an owl and I think it is

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Ministry of Accompaniment

By Rev. Dr. Paul Raybon I’m continuing to read and reflect on this idea of “resilience” as a metaphor and design for what we do as church. (See here if you missed it.) One of the practical applications, as described to me by Co-Pastor Ernesto Bazan of Iglesia Bautista Kerygma in Holguin, Cuba, was reorganizing

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By: Dr. Paul Raybon You may have heard this word in the news, it is one of the “go to” words of our times. Resilience is the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulty, trauma, and disaster. The interesting thing about resilience is that scientists have determined that there are ways to build

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Life Detours

By: Rev. Steve Zimmerman Last month Angela and I had an opportunity to get away for a few days along the Blue Ridge Parkway. But before our lodging was ready, we decided to do an overnight stay in West Virginia. In order to get to that destination, we had to drive a section of Interstate

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How My Vacation Changed Me

By: Rev. Dr. Rick Jordan I confess that most days, I walk through a day without much thought. Not that I’m ignorant or inconsiderate. But too often I do breeze through a day’s experiences without consideration of deeper insights. Sometimes, a shock to my system helps me realize that I need to ponder what I

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Worship in A Foreign Land

By Rev. Dr. Rick Jordan It may have been the best sermon I’ve ever heard, but I will never know for sure because it was spoken in Icelandic. Hallgrímskirkja is the largest church building in Iceland, a Lutheran congregation. My experience there sparked these reflections about this church and the Church. Experience: “Hallgrímskirkja” looks like

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