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Ministry of Accompaniment

By Rev. Dr. Paul Raybon I’m continuing to read and reflect on this idea of “resilience” as a metaphor and design for what we do as church. (See here if you missed it.) One of the practical applications, as described to me by Co-Pastor Ernesto Bazan of Iglesia Bautista Kerygma in Holguin, Cuba, was reorganizing […]

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By: Dr. Paul Raybon You may have heard this word in the news, it is one of the “go to” words of our times. Resilience is the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulty, trauma, and disaster. The interesting thing about resilience is that scientists have determined that there are ways to build

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The Gift That Generates Income

By: Dr. Paul Raybon Last time I wrote about how seeing your church facilities as a gift to be shared can change how you do ministry and how you relate with your community. Churches can also use that gift to generate alternate streams of income. As churches we are rightfully wary of becoming profit-oriented and

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Your Building Is a Gift!

By: Dr. Paul Raybon My church, Hominy Baptist in Candler, North Carolina, is over 200 years old. We are a small-medium sized congregation, which in the post COVID world means about 150 folks participating in worship and/or ministry on a regular basis, and about half that number in worship on any given Sunday. Many churches

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by Dr. Paul Raybon I went looking at the handwritten minutes of Hominy Baptist Church to see if there was more about the fire of 1923 than what was recorded in the official histories. (Yes, histories, when you’re 210 years old, every generation gets a swipe at telling your story). The simple entry above captured

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What Will You Save?

by Dr. Paul Raybon You may remember doing a values clarification exercise in school with this prompt. “Your house is on fire, what 10 things will you try to save?” Then a follow up, “Time is running out! You have to leave five, what will you keep?” Individual lists are then shared in a small

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“Anglo-Saxon ad infinitum”

By Rev. Dr. Paul Raybon One of my very favorite people, a long-time lay leader, is a retired teacher who, when she gets really mad, will exclaim “Anglo-Saxon ad infinitum.” Because as we all know, all the best curse words are Anglo-Saxon. Put another way, how many people yell “excrement” when they hit their thumb

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Impactful or Meaningful?

By Dr. Paul Raybon I have to start by confessing that I am a lover of words. I still have my crumbling 45-year-old paperback Roget’s Thesaurus, although truth be told I am more likely to consult in a pinch these days. And to be precise, I am not a lover of all words, I

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Going to School

by Dr. S. Paul Raybon In my recent E-ncourager article When People Choose Poorly, under the heading “Refuse to be Complicit,” I laid out a number of things we need to learn. Learn not to be an enabler. Learn not to engage in pointless arguments. Learn not to be tolerant of intolerable behavior and language.

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When People Choose Poorly

By Dr. Paul Raybon Sooner or later we all grieve the loss of someone because of what we regard as their poor choices. If you live enough years and love enough people, you will endure this pain many times, and it never gets easier. There is a level of anger, resentment, and sometimes guilt, peculiar

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