Ministry Design

Available On-Demand Seminars

Cost: $20 for individual, $50 per church.

Seminar Descriptions

Advocacy – “Word & Deed” (Rev. Chrissy Williamson)

In church, we talk about the commission Jesus gave for us to bring the Good News to the ends of the earth. Readers of the New Testament would also quickly affirm that this Good News is carried forth in our words and our actions. As Christians trying our best to live faithful lives in today’s world, we have to ask ourselves: How am I to speak the Good News? and, How am I to act the Good News? Through ministries of mission and advocacy, people of faith and moral conscience are equipped to be both doers and speakers of good news. This breakout session will share stories from congregations that are exploring these ministries and will provide tips and best practices learned along the way. Come and join the conversation!

Affirming and Supporting Mental Health Needs in our Congregations (Dr. Tonya Armstrong)

Even in the midst of great faith and Godly wisdom, churches are not immune to mental health concerns. This session provides an opportunity to better understand mental illness, explore wellness, and learn concrete approaches to affirming and supporting greater mental health in our congregations. Dr. Armstrong will engage participants using didactic and interactive approaches.