Batter Up! But Who?

As some of you know by now, I am an old fashioned baseball fan. When I have a chance to attend a local minor league game or go down to Atlanta to see the team, my family knows that I pay attention to the game. The kiddy rides, the antics down on the field between innings, and other side attractions do not interest me in the least. I am there for the game! But it does get a bit boring when the game goes 20 innings.

Many players change positions in those long games, The method I use to keep up with some of them is looking not only for their number but also their names on the back of their shirts. Maybe because of these marathon innings that on this day in 1960 that all the baseball uniforms were required to display the names of the player’s on the back of their uniforms. It sure does make it easier to know you have the right person or not when you cheer or complain!

Aren’t you glad that your Heavenly Father doesn’t stipulate that you have you to wear a uniform with your name on the back of it just to keep up with you? The writer in Psalms knew this well. He reminds us that God knew you before you were born, and he will know you when you leave this earthly home. When you join the Lord’s team, he also doesn’t mind the time. You have all eternity with him. He is no big hurry to finish the game. Thank goodness!

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