No Foolin’!

It’s just not fair! They teach you to do it faster and you get the hang of it and then someone comes along and changes the routine. Whether it is a chore at work or a new technique in how you live at home, this new style is just down-right frustrating. No foolin’!

One of the best in sports who could fool a lot of people was born today in 1939. In his prime, Phil Niekro, the major league baseball knuckleball pitcher for the New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves, was the master on the mound who could make hitters beg for mercy. It was not that he threw a ball by them at the speed of sound. On the contrary! His lobs were so much slower and unconventional that even his catchers were worn out trying to catch for him before he was done pitching! He got the hitters out of rhythm with their swings. By the time they adjusted to this new pitching method, it was “Strike Three – You’re out!” When I would hear that he was pitching during a television game, I made sure I dropped everything just to see his style. He was a sight to see.

We can be reminded today that we don’t have to be fooled by the world to think that we have to be the fastest anything to get ahead in life. Phil used what was natural to him to become one of the best pitchers of his kind in the big leagues. In the Kingdom of God, our Heavenly Father wants you and me to use our gifts in whatever form they come to us. Go ahead and give these gifts over to the Lord to bless and use today to advance the Good News. The world will take notice and then we are nobody’s fool!

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