A Class on Spiritual Disciplines

I had my annual check-up last month and my weight is going up.  I know the job change I have had has led to my eating differently.  I had been doing very well but now I am slipping.  But even the knowledge that I have well before, and knowing exactly how I did it, it is hard to return to a better way of eating.

Just because someone has the knowledge does not mean it will automatically turn into action.  So how do people become “transformed into Christ-likeness”?  Part of the answer lies with Spiritual Disciplines/Practices, which are tools that put a person before God in ways that allow Christ to change them.

Here are some of them: Silence and Solitude help us to hear the Holy Spirit speak to us.  Service calls us to put love into action.  Submission reminds us it is about God, not us.   Fasting challenges us to be honest about our behavior when we are stressed and to allow God to root out the source. Simplicity challenges us to discover “where our heart lies” and let God move it more towards God.  Meditation allows our deepest thoughts to come forward so God can be part of dealing with them.  Most of these are found in Richard Foster’s book, Celebration of Discipline.  But whatever resource is used the transformation is enabled when we practice disciplines/actions that put us before God so God can work with us.

These thoughts above are from David Fox, our partner based out of Roanoke, Virginia. He has served in various roles either as pastor, associate pastor or minister of education in Virginia churches.

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