Paul Raybon


by Dr. Paul Raybon I went looking at the handwritten minutes of Hominy Baptist Church to see if there was more about the fire of 1923 than what was recorded in the official histories. (Yes, histories, when you’re 210 years old, every generation gets a swipe at telling your story). The simple entry above captured […]

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People are the Most Important

We are in the relationship business. From the beginning God created us for relationship. Jesus became man to build relationships with us. He had compassion on the people. Everywhere he went he clashed with the Temple elite because he put people ahead of the rules. Some people are easy to love and these are probably

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Problematic Vacations?

In response to my earlier article, I would like to clarify some concepts of vacation. I have been on vacation before when the entire time was spent in go! go! go! and spend! spend! spend! modes. Potential problems with that are that upon return you are tired rather than refreshed and perhaps in debt or

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After the Keys Are Yours

One of the issues that churches fail to consider when building or renovating new space is the future cost of operating that space. A new space presents potential increases in utilities, cleaning supplies, janitorial services, insurance premiums and maintenance costs even if it is never used! 75% of the lifetime cost of a building is

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From the Very Beginning……

From infancy, babies learn trust. When a baby cries, they are soothed; when they are hungry, someone makes sure they are fed; when a baby has a wet diaper, their diaper is changed and they are made comfortable again. When children are left with competent, loving leaders for a period of time, they learn their

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