Problematic Vacations?

In response to my earlier article, I would like to clarify some concepts of vacation. I have been on vacation before when the entire time was spent in go! go! go! and spend! spend! spend! modes. Potential problems with that are that upon return you are tired rather than refreshed and perhaps in debt or strapped for three additional months. Although the big and sometimes expensive vacations are a good getaway, especially with kids, they do not accomplish the essential point I was trying to make.
Vacation primarily needs to be a refreshment and rest – a time to breathe deeply and live outside the daily stress and grind of ministry. “Staycations” are becoming popular and if you stay out of the office, could provide needed time away. And between vacations? Don’t forget to take your regularly scheduled days off. They are important times to breathe too!

These thoughts above are from John Daniels, our partner based out of Wilmington, North Carolina. His primary focus is working alongside churches in administrative challenges and opportunities. For more information about how he can help you, contact him at 910.899.6724 or [email protected].

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