In the Middle of the Crisis

By Rev. Jerry Chiles You might be asking yourself, “Why am I here at this junction of history? Why am I having to go through this crisis? I am exhausted. God why are you doing this to us?” God is not the one who is doing this to us. Is God present in this crisis? Yes! […]

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Ministry in Other Contexts

Many ministers are considering moving to other careers. What are some of the reasons these moves are contemplated? Is the church becoming a more difficult place to work? Is God calling these ministers to unfamiliar places of ministry in a different context? Is it a misunderstanding of calling? I would like to hear your comments

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Warning Signs for Ministers

Many ministers are caught in the church’s downsizing brought about by fewer members and diminishing finances. What are the warning signs that hint downsizing may be coming?  How can we help ministers in mid-career retool for the next step in ministry? I would like to hear your comments about these thought provoking questions. Contact me

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Running with the Horses

The Kentucky Derby is the first Saturday in May. One of my favorite times of the year is the Derby.  It is hard to explain the beauty of running horses. You just need to experience it. While excitement builds, as the race progresses, it is not the same as running with the horses. Can you

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Let’s Be Honest

“Honesty is the best policy”, we learned as a child. However, we have difficulty with honesty. Most of us have difficulty admitting that we are stuck. For the most part we are caught up in making the ministry function and cannot see that we are stuck. The hard question: Is the horizon I see really

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