Somewhere Under the Rainbow

Yesterday in my travels around Danville, Virginia I was in a rainstorm brought on by Tropical Storm Beryl. I was coming into town with sunshine ahead but raindrops on my windshield. I was in the right space to look for a rainbow.

I was not disappointed! I saw a small section of the arc and decided to pull into a parking lot to track the rest of the bow. Wow! It was one of the largest rainbows I have seen in years. Full of color and glory. I just did not have time to look for the pot of gold, though.

Yet this act of nature still reminds me of God’s provision. Just like He promised Noah of what He would do after the flood, I was reassured that He is still looking after me. In spite of all the dark clouds and storms of life, God is there. Thanks again for the sign, Lord.

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