Steve Zimmerman

Who’s Moving?

By: Rev. Steve Zimmerman As we have been preparing to move from one house to another, we have seen God move again in our lives. For example, the first contract we had for the house did not pan out. However, we had a back-up proposal that offered $3,000 more than our asking price. They were […]

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By Rev. Steve Zimmerman We are on the move again! Our “corporate office” is relocating from Danville, Virginia to Martinsville, Virginia. The reason is to be closer to Angela’s work at her new church. This transition is also fortunate because my commute to the church where I am serving as interim pastor is about the

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Vision Coaching

I was meeting with a pastor recently who asked if I would need to come and meet with the staff several times before I did some coaching with them. I pointed out that I don’t need to become an expert on the staff to coach them. Coaching is built on the premise that the person,

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The following thoughts are from Dr. Paul Raybon, our partner in Western North Carolina. He is going more in-depth with his thoughts based on his recent article in our newsletter, the E-ncourager. We hope you enjoy! Daniel Goleman’s work Primal Leadership describes the concept of attunement– “alignment with the kind of resonance that moves people

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Get Ready for Surprises!

A recent country song shares the idea that he blesses the Lord for the crooked road that led him straight to his girl. I would be remiss if I didn’t think at times that I have a better plan to do ministry than the Lord. He has reminded me more than once in this bumpy

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Don’t Give Up the Ship Now!

The war was raging in America in the summer of 1813. The new fledgling nation was still fighting the old enemy, the English. At times the English were winning this war. Even the national capital in Washington, D. C. was occupied by them at one time. It did not look good for the Americans. But

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Don’t Have a Black Sunday!

If you were still living in the panhandles of Texas or Oklahoma this week back in 1935, your Sunday would have started out somewhat normal. Of course, you were tired of all the wind blowing and the dust or sand everywhere. Yet that Sunday began with the birds singing and the sun shining. However, by

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