Step Up to the Plate and SWING!

America’s pastime of baseball is in the air. Some of you have already attended a major or minor league game. The smell of hot dogs, popcorn and peanuts is a sure sign you are at the ballpark. The nation has taken to this game for over 125 years. There is just something about watching this game on a summer day.

Back in 1888 on this day the San Francisco Examiner joined in the fun by publishing the now famous poem, Casey at the Bat. At first it didn’t get any real publicity. But it didn’t take long! Today we may not remember the whole poem, but we do know that there is no joy in Mudville because Might Casey has struck out!

When you are called on today to “step up to the plate” and do your work, don’t be like Casey. He let two perfect pitches go by before he swung at the ball. That shortened his chances to do anything by the time the third ball was hurled by him.
Don’t let opportunities whiz by you. Chances are they won’t be coming back. Make the most of what comes your way.

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