Don’t let the Vocal Minority hold you hostage!

Let’s do the math – in the past few weeks the vast majority of Americans felt one way about an issue and Congress voted differently. Something just didn’t add up! The media brought up this thorny problem we have in our country. It seems that the people (usually small in number) who yell the loudest usually get their way in our society.

Last week I had an opportunity to visit with a former church member at Wal-Mart – where else! He was sharing with me that the vocal minority at the church were making it difficult for the church body to get anything done. And just like Congress – stalemate has settled in and nothing gets done.

Today’s Church should not be made up of special interest groups. We must be working toward the same vision the Lord has for each one of us. As we pray for that direction, His voice is the only one that matters!

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