From Despair to Hope

Things did not look good for Great Britain this week back in 1940. The Battle of Britain began and raged on for over three months. The Nazis felt that since the rest of the continent was defeated, England would soon follow. Little did they know that the upcoming months would help change the course of the war.

The English had some things going for them – radar, the Spitfire plane and a united front. By that winter, Germany had to refocus on other war efforts. Historians agree that England’s defensive stance was the start of the Furher’s demise.

So how does this fit into your ministry? How many times have you been up against the wall and things seemed to be falling down around you? If you haven’t been there, wait! Life will catch up with you and you better brace yourself! To stop the tide of despair, remember to look around you.

Don’t forget that you have an invisible force that intercedes for you – the Holy Spirit. He goes before you and comforts you. Also remember that you can’t fight the enemy alone. You have to rely on others with their special gifts. Churchill was a great statesman and morale booster but he was no pilot! Finally, a united front against the enemy begins to move people slowly from despair to hope.

Our Lord is not calling you to win a war. He already has done that at Calvary and the empty tomb. Be He may be using you to win a battle in the war. Hold on and then go forward!

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