A Velcro Easter

Before this week in 1978 we all had to do the old fashioned ways of keeping things together. But a revolution occurred that spring and life has not been the same since. If you are having trouble guessing what it is, can you say a six letter word – Velcro?

You can find this stuff everywhere you go now. Whether it is on clothes, equipment, and the list can go and on…. we just would not know what to do without this simple hooking idea. If you are like our family, there is at least one thing in the house that has Velcro on it.

The genus behind Velcro knew that he needed a positive and negative hooking method to get it to work. What a great way to remind us about Good Friday. Our Heavenly Father knew that in order for us to have an eternal life experience with him, his Son, Jesus, would have to suffer a terrible death. You see the hideous cross and the glorious empty tomb are too much interwoven. The Gospel is not complete and secure without it. Thank God today for this special brand of spiritual Velcro! We need it to get through life!

May all of you experience a great Velcro Easter!

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