Don’t Let the Balks Get to You!

How many of you remember Bob Shaw, a baseball pitcher for the old Milwaukee Braves? He played with them only one year, 1963. The organization probably traded him the next year due to his five balks in a game that season – a record!

Bob continued to play ball for other organizations for a few more years. Those errors on this day did not set him back. He got back up and did his job. A one day failure did not dictate his life. We can find a nugget of truth here.

Another encouraging point is that Bob has been forgiven for his mistakes. He doesn’t come to mind today in the baseball world about his pitching problems. People have moved on to other matters. When you fail at something, don’t feel bad about it today. In just a little while, people will forgive and life will go on. Now get back in the game!

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