Laughing with God at Yourself!

This week in 1974 the world of comedy lost one of its special friends. Frank Sutton died of a heart attack. He did not grow up wanting to be a comic. But if you were alive during the 1960’s watching “The Gomer Pyle Show”, you could not help but chuckle every time that his by-the-book character, Marine Sgt. Vince Carter, got into a “discussion” with goofy and simple-minded Gomer. Frank truly fit his part! An interesting twist of his life is that he served with the Army in World War II. He tried to join the Marines but could not pass the physical. I guess you can say that he got back at the Jarheads years later.

As much as Sgt. Carter wanted to change Gomer into an outstanding Marine, he could not. It was not for lack of trying! When you are faced with the “characters” in your life that need to get in step with you, try seeing it from a humorous point of view – God’s. He probably has been thinking about trying to change you more than you know!

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