The following thoughts are from Dr. Paul Raybon, our partner in Western North Carolina. He is going more in-depth with his thoughts based on his recent article in our newsletter, the E-ncourager. We hope you enjoy!

Daniel Goleman’s work Primal Leadership describes the concept of attunement– “alignment with the kind of resonance that moves people emotionally as well as intellectually (208).” One of the frustrations with fostering strategic thinking in churches is that the very process can be so left-brained that it fails to reach people’s hearts. Attunement brings to mind the workings of a choir. All the voices need to be on the same page but they need not be sounding the same note to make music.

Involving people deeply requires that they be invested in the process from beginning to end. Many long-range planning processes have the congregation playing the role of receiver to the pastor, casting a vision, or to a select group of leaders, who have been involved in an exhaustive study. Most congregations resist alignment with someone else’s vision, but the process of attunement through discerning conversations touches heart strings that echo the song of the Spirit.

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