Who’s Moving?

By: Rev. Steve Zimmerman

As we have been preparing to move from one house to another, we have seen God move again in our lives. For example, the first contract we had for the house did not pan out. However, we had a back-up proposal that offered $3,000 more than our asking price. They were so excited to hear that our house was still available, and we are now looking at a new set of owners for our Danville house. Another way God is at work is that yesterday the sellers over in Martinsville wanted to know if we would be interested in some of their furniture. Their asking price was too good to turn down. Now we not only have a new house but also some good quality furniture to go with it!

Many times when we have transitions in our lives the focus tends to be on us and what we need to accomplish in those times of change. But in our relationship to God, we need to be sensitive to how our Heavenly Father moves among us. I wonder what would happen if we took the time to pause more in our hectic pace of life and see God move in our daily lives. We would be more thankful of what He does and come to appreciate that we are not the only one on the move!

These thoughts are from Rev. Steve Zimmerman, the founding partner in the ministry. He works alongside churches in their mission process and small group dynamics. He coordinates the work of the partnership from Danville, Virginia (for a few more days). Contact him for more information about how he can help you.

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