The Wise Still Ask For Directions

By: Rev. Jerry Chiles

One Friday evening my wife and I were going to hear the symphony and she asked if I needed to use GPS. I said no, I knew the way. As I proceeded to go to the venue, we encountered a street closure. If I had used the GPS, it would have told us about the closure. Why did I hesitate to check GPS? I wanted to show that I knew the way and could do it. I had to prove in some small way that I was capable.

What would have happened if the Magi had not asked for directions? Would they still be wandering around in Palestine today? I think the Magi would have eventually found the child but not in a timely manner. Why do we hesitate to ask for help? Are we afraid, we will be seen as incompetent? Are we afraid church members will see us as weak? Are we worried we will not be seen as a leader?

Jesus asked for help in the garden. Matthew 26:37-46

Moses asked for help. Exodus 17: 10-13

Paul asked for help. Phillipians 4: 10-20

Where do we ask for help? In our world we have trained faith-based coaches. Sometimes, we have the answers already, but need help to see them or to untangle them. Many of us have mentors to whom we can turn. Sometimes we need to ask for help in unexpected places. Very often there are people in our congregations who are willing to offer expertise. There are also folks in the secular world who can give us the guidance we need. For example, a secular counselor might see what people of faith cannot. After all, the Magi went to Herod.

These thoughts are from Rev. Jerry Chiles, one of our partners in ministry for the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Metroplex. He has served in various churches across the Southeast as an associate minister. Contact him for more information about how he can help you.

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