John Daniels

Trusting in a New Day

By John Daniels I recently wrote an article describing some of the ways the pandemic is changing the way we do church.  I concluded the article with the trust lessons I have both learned and continue to learn. I was reminded of my first team building experience with a trust fall.  I was the first […]

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Learning in a New Day

By John Daniels Mid-March rocked my world.  We closed the church office for what we thought was a multiple week pause only to discover that a few weeks would turn into months.  Things are different! “How can we continue to do the business of the church?” became the question that needed an immediate answer.  Months later I realize

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Hopefulness in Email

After my last post, it has caused me to be more hopeful with my email inbox. So many times in the busyness of each day, I see my emails as a bother or an interruption. I constantly remind myself to slow down and pay attention. Hopeful is an exciting way to live life. I am

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Problematic Vacations?

In response to my earlier article, I would like to clarify some concepts of vacation. I have been on vacation before when the entire time was spent in go! go! go! and spend! spend! spend! modes. Potential problems with that are that upon return you are tired rather than refreshed and perhaps in debt or

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