Don’t Let Your Dominos Get You Down

It took hours upon hours to get the job done and in a matter of minutes it was gone. That may have been what was going on in Michael Cairney’s mind in 1979 on this day as he broke the record in toppling a row of 169,713 dominoes. This task took skill, stamina and a great deal of patience.

The amazing thing about people like Michael is that many of them get right back to putting more rows of dominoes together for the next time. They don’t settle for the record. They just seem to keep on going. They have an inner desire to be good at something and then strive for more.

Church leaders are like that. However, there are times we tend to rest after the record “whatever” – attendance, budget, building, etc. is reached. If you find yourself today in those doldrums like Elijah was after the showdown at Mount Carmel with the Baal gods, remember that there are still other goals to be had. You may not get there today. But you won’t ever make it if you don’t get back up and start!

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