What to do with a Doodler!

Where would the world be today without Mickey Mouse and all his friends? There would be a whole lot less smiles going around! And it was all because of a man named Walt Disney.

Today in 1917 he graduated from high school in Benton, Missouri. Even before this special date in his life, Walt was busy doodling in art anywhere and anytime. I bet there were teachers in school who pulled their hair out many days to see him drawing something instead of doing school work. Yet aren’t we grateful that these leaders in education did not stifle his creativity and genus.

You may be at your wits end with a church member. Remember that the Lord can still use them somewhere not in Walt’s kingdom but in His Kingdom’s work. Lead them to discover their potential. Your church and even the world may one day be appreciative for what you did with your “spiritual” brush strokes!

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