Five and Dime Yourself in a New Location

He had a bright new idea over a hundred years ago. Instead of having merchandise behind the counter for the customer to see, why not have it displayed in the open with a price tag on it. You eliminate the haggling and label the item at a discount price. Today that is common place, but back in the 1870’s it was a strange concept. But this idea almost didn’t take off.

F. W. Woolworth, the famous five and dime magnet of discount stores, opened his first store in New York this day in 1879. Within in a year, he had to close it down. He did not give up. Feeling that the idea was good just the location for the store was not, he tried again two years later in Pennsylvania. And as they say the rest is history!

Jesus told his disciples a similar concept. If the message is not received, dust yourself off and go to the next village and share the Good News. If things are not working for you today, don’t be sad. All it may take is a new location – a fresh start. What you may have is good. It just needs to be seen in a new way on a new day. Keep going!

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