God’s Recycling Program

America really took a big step in recycling on this day back in 1983! The Space Shuttle retrieved for the first time a satellite in space. It was not just your typical trip out to the curb with the recycle bin! I wonder if they had the logo of the green recycle arrows on the side of the spaceship during the mission!

For years the United States sent satellites up in space without too much forethought that the crafts might be growing old and outdated or taking up too much space. Outer space was quickly becoming the new high-tech trash dump. Send it up and never have to worry about it again. However, the country did and is still doing it.

In a different sort of way be thankful to God that when we pray our confessions of sin to Him, he doesn’t hurdle them somewhere to one day later to retrieve and use them against us. You and I are so blessed that he places our sins as far away as the East is from the West. No recycling needed. Thank goodness!

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