Don’t be a Lawn Chair Larry!

If you lived in Los Angeles, California back in 1982 you would have heard the breaking news this day about Lawn Chair Larry. This soon to be folk hero got a jump start on the Pixar movie,”Up”. Larry Walters decided that he would use a lawn chair and attach it to 42 helium balloons and rise a few feet above the ground in his girlfriend’s backyard. He carried a BB gun so that he could shoot the balloons to deflate them and then return safely to the ground. Sounds simple, doesn’t it. It wasn’t. As soon as he cut the rope that connected him and his balloons to Mother Earth, he shot up in no time to 16,000 feet! Before too long planes coming into LAX reported an unusual sight as they were coming into land! Eventually he came back down safe and sound. But there is no record that he ever tried that stunt again! Before you reach for new heights today, be sure to check everything out. Count the cost. Jesus even reminded us that if we are to follow Him and be his disciples we need to be certain before we head out on a journey with Him. The adventure with the Lord is great! Just be sure you don’t have your head (or your lawn chair) in the clouds all the time!