Don’t give up on something BIG

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! How many of us have heard that said to us or we have given this advice to others. It really was evident back in 1776. This was the day that the delegates meeting in Philadelphia voted for the first time on the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. But it didn’t go through until three days later.

As Americans begin to celebrate the Fourth of July activities, the focus has been on fun and time away from work or on vacation. Very little emphasis is now on the history part. In our world of “immediate”, we have forgotten that important matters like freedom did not just happen. Things that are valuable take time, patience and compromise to reach the desired goal.

When you see a glimpse of the end result of something in your ministry role today, don’t give up. Find the common ground and keep going. You may be closer than you think to something BIG!

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