Thanks, Will!

Yesterday I was fortunate to preach at a local church. The pastor was out of town for some much needed vacation time. I was honored that he thought of me to fill in for him.

After the service more than one person came up to me to thank me for getting the points across in a simple understandable way. One mother said that even her 14 year teenager didn’t lose his attention during the sermon. With the temptation/competition of his cell phone during the service, I felt that I had made some inroads!

I gave some credit to the simplicity yesterday to my favorite orator, Will Rogers. He could get his points across and still have people like me. What a role model! He could cover a lot of ground with only a few choice words. Many of his sage advices still hold true for today.

Lord, please remind me more often that people want a simple message in word and deed from me. Come to think of it, I would feel the same way about others!

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