When words aren’t right

As a fellow who makes a living out of putting the right words together to get a message across, I have been reminded this week that simple words are not always best.

My dad was from the Old School from the Old Country. He didn’t say the words, “I love you” very much. It just really wasn’t installed in his vocabulary. But did he ever show his love! Not a week goes by I don’t think of ways he would demonstrate his love to Mom, Sis and my family. He left a great legacy of love with actions.

As time marches on, I will be having another birthday this week. To “celebrate” the occasion my in-laws went out of their way from the North Carolina beach on the way back to Atlanta to cook a low county boil (sausages, corn on the cob, shrimp, small potatoes) last night at the house. What a feast! I don’t mind getting older if they come with this meal each year!

But not much “I love you” was said in the last few days by them. I am not concerned, though. I would much rather be in a family that shows love rather than says “I love you” and not do anything about it. I am also grateful to be in my Heavenly Father’s family that not only says love but He has done something about it!

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