“B Strong” (the power of two)

You just can’t help but notice this catchy phrase in Boston these days. The “B” is in the shape of the “B” in the Boston Red Sox. The Strong, of course, is for the courage to stand up to the fear of terrorism that consumed that city the past week. It is good to see life getting back to normal in Bean Town.

But did you see the significance of two? There were two people who created havoc in a city. It was not just one person; there were two. Just think of what two people could do if they set their heart in the right direction. They could change a city, too! Lord, help us see the need to not do your work all by ourselves! We need someone else.

The other hint of two is the simple letter “B”, the second letter in the alphabet. We all are “A” someone to another person in this world – parent to child, student to teacher, etc. But you are not really anyone until you “B” someone to somebody else. Sometimes it is good to “B” the second in something. It makes life more complete.

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