Did you see the other marathons this week?

It was a pure tragedy in Boston Monday. There is not any sense in proving a point or directing your anger to someone or something by using terror to get the message across. The guilty party wanted to have fear direct our lives.

But that is not what I saw after the explosions. Instead I saw another marathon take place. Emergency workers, hospital staff and average citizens were coming to the rescue of those victims. They began another race – one against time. We could safely say that because of them there were not more deaths that day.

We in ministry are also in a lifetime marathon. There are people all along the way in our journey who need help from their spirit’s bleeding caused by sin. Thankful we have members (even when they are hurting) in our churches who come to the rescue when we need their help. We can’t do it without them. The downside to this kind of marathon is that it doesn’t get much PR on Twitter or YouTube. We do it because it is the right thing to do and that God will give us the strength to run the race. Keep the faith and keep running!

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