Thanks, Roger Ebert – Two Thumbs Up!

It is with sadness this week we hear of the news of the death of Roger Ebert. Along with his partner, Gene Siskel, they broke new ground in the area of movie criticism. When they discussed the merits of movie years ago, people stopped and paid attention to what they said. If the “two thumbs up” was given, you knew the movie must be all right.

A interview clip this week of Roger years ago talking about his start to fame was interesting. He shared with the interviewer that before Siskel and he got the show started there was not any lingo in our society of “two thumbs up.” Their popularity made the phrase stick in what we say now is OK or not.

Isn’t it amazing what the power of having someone with you can do to change the world? Sure could use more of that partnership thinking in our churches these days!

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