“Daddy Loves You”

Have you seen the recent video clip of a three year old who is now being able to hear for the first time? The doctors at the University of North Carolina Hospital “hot-wired” an auditory device on his head to bypass his ear and connect it to the boys’ brain. The success of their endeavors was when the child lit up with glee when he heard his father’s voice for the first time. It was interesting that Dad did not say his name to get his attention nor did he just say hello. He shared a more deep and personal message. He said, “Daddy Loves You!”

For those of us who have no problems hearing noises, we can be grateful for this reminder of our blessing. At the same time we may also have some worries or concerns that block the spiritual messages we get from our Heavenly Father. When the troubles of this world crowd out the connection we have with God, it can be deafening! Sometimes we want to hear from God and we can’t.

Don’t fret. The Lord knows how to go around our cares and still get the message out to us that “Daddy Loves You”!

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