No Twinkies for me, thanks!

You may have read that the iconic Twinkies is making a come back later this month. You can now take your valued Twinkies out of storage. Forget about taking it to the Antique Road show in 30 years! It looks like they will be around for years to come.

I never really got a craving for the sweet thing. That is good because a few weeks ago my wife and I bought a new bathroom scale. The old one weight was needing to be replaced due to some errant readings. But now I wish it were back! The new digital “monster” is a better reflection of my actual weight. I miss the “slimmer” me.

There comes times in our lives and in our churches we need to do the same idea. How many of us hold onto the old standards that now don’t work and aren’t effective just because it will make us feel good. The first step to make us healthy is start off right and see ourselves as we really are. It might be painful at first, but the fitter and trimmer person or church is what God had in mind from the start. So join me and let’s get in shape for our own sake as well as for the Kingdom!

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