Technology – Wow! Technology – Whoa!!

One of my pastor friends recently met with me to discuss some ideas on how to go about teaching a humanities class that wrestles how technology affects our society. It will be an interesting topic this fall for both of us. But one of the catchy slogans he said over and over made me think – “Technology – Wow! Technology – Whoa!!”

We all are enraptured by the newest and latest bell and whistle that comes out. It promotes itself as helping us out in so many ways. We tend to forget our troubles and somehow go right ahead and convince ourselves that we “need” it. All too often we realize later on that this new gadget has some negative side effects.

Even those of us in ministry have found ourselves ministering in front of the computer screen a bit too often. Yes, we can harness the wonderful new tools of technology, but nothing takes the place of slowing down and listening and watching to what and how people are sharing their lives. But more important to all of us, slowing down and being still and know that God is God. (Psalms 46:10)

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