To Dough or Not to Dough

He “popped” on television screens across the nation for the first time on this week back in 1961. Life would not be the same today without the Poppin Fresh Dough Boy to help pitch the Pillsbury bread commercials. Who can’t just love that short, pudgy guy all dressed up in white and happy to giggle after he gets pushed in his stomach?

You know that it is an advertisement because no one in his right mind really wants to smile and laugh after he gets punched! But I guess if we all had dough for abs, it would not bother us that much. No comments, please!

But maybe today we can be reminded of something that Jesus said about how we are to react to others when they come after us. In some ways this is a form of encouragement because it gives the other person a different message than what the world has taught. We still live in a world that believes in an eye for an eye justice, but our Lord said that we are to turn the other cheek and forgive unconditionally. We can become stronger as followers of Christ when we harness this spiritual power of forgiveness. Now go and be a spokesperson for the other bread company – The Bread of Life!

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