You have nothing on Elvis!

The lucky numbers on this week back in 1958 were 53310761. No, these are not a lottery pick. Nor are they a combination to any lock. It is the serial number given to Elvis Presley when he enlisted in the Army. If you go back to the old newspapers and magazines that week, the press made a big thing out of it. The old Colonel knew how to get Elvis easy publicity.

Doing something for your country like serving in the armed forces shouldn’t be a big fanfare. It should be a solemn occasion. You are committing yourself to give of yourself even to the point of death. I hope that Elvis had a chance to think about that when all the cameras were going off around him. Probably not!

Today you may not be as famous or get the recognition as Elvis when you do things in giving of yourself for a higher calling – serving God. But He knows. He is watching and doesn’t need cameras to remind him who you are. He knows your heart. He also knows fame comes and goes rather quickly but service to the heavenly kingdom has eternal rewards. That’s better than any lucky lotto numbers!

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