The Bridge is Worth It!

Back in 1937 thirty-five million dollars was a lot of money during the Great Depression. But that is how much money it took to erect the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It was during this week back then President Franklin Roosevelt dedicated this wonder via telegraph from Washington. Not only were people excited about a new way to shorten their journeys, politicians were giddy because the project was ahead of schedule and under budget!

But the structure didn’t come easy. There were lives lost in the building of the bridge. Swift currents and deep water posed a constant hazard during the construction. And, of course, you couldn’t overlook the strong winds that were constantly blowing in the bay. Stability was a rarity many days.

As Christians we are commissioned to build bridges to those lost in sin or have wandered away from God. Sometimes we face challenges in these relationships. Hurt feelings, broken promises, and the list can go on and on. But we can’t lose heart. Just as Christ was in reconciling us to God, we must do the same for those lives we share in our church or community. Today thank God for those people in your life that built bridges to you. Now write down ways you can construct bridges to others who need the Good News.

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