Go Ahead and Make a Joyful Noise!

Today is special for musicians! In 1877 the composer, Rudolph Ganz, was born. I did say musicians – plural. The other musician born this day back in 19__ is my dear sweet wife. I try to remind her that she is only getting wiser and more mature and not older. It doesn’t seem to help, though. She has been in church music all of her life. To make matters worse, our children have taken up the mantel of music as well. The house has been full of music (at times it was known as “noise”) for over 25 years.

But there is something about music that reaches our souls. The ancient Hebrews took comfort and strength in the Psalms. The early fathers of the Protestant movement directed as much of their attention to new hymns as they did designing new theological precepts. Even more recently in history, the Negro spirituals sung while they were enslaved now have been welcomed into our worship books and tell a rich story of how God provides and works through our lives. Music finds a unique way to connect us with our Heavenly Father.

What kind of music will you start this week to refresh your relationship with God? He is always up to someone who makes a joyful sound! Don’t let the week go by without some kind of music going up to heaven!

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