Don’t Give Up Now!

Helen was in shock this day back in 1887! This was the day that her teacher didn’t give up on her. Other people had come and gone. They left the family with no answers to Helen’s problems. That was until Anne Sullivan came into the picture. She was persistent in helping this child be the person she needed to be. She kept trying to convince that little Keller girl, who was not only blind but deaf as well, that there was a world out there she needed to discover. Finally after many trials and errors, Helen’s world opened up with the word – water.

If you want to give up on those “blind and deaf” members in your church, think of Anne’s persistence. Sometimes all it needs to change people’s lives is a simple word of encouragement or a pat on the back. But don’t lose sight of another more important person who had to overcome some spiritually blind and deaf people – Jesus. People find out that once that get this kind of Living Water into them that there is a whole new world out there! Go out today and lead them to the Fountain!

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