Do The Right Thing Anyway!

If you live in the Old North State called North Carolina, it is Independence Week! You may have a hard time though finding fireworks to commemorate the occasion.

For those of you not familiar with the state’s history, there were a group of folks meeting in Halifax, North Carolina and adopted the paperwork for independence from the British this week in 1776 just a few months ahead of the declaration made in Philadelphia. It is called the Halifax Resolution. If you look closely at the state flag, you will find this date printed on it. Native Tar Heels are very proud of this accomplishment.

But somehow this gathering didn’t get the same billing as the one in July of the same year. It has become a brief side note in history. The people who took great efforts in putting this resolution together may be sad to know how they were treated over the years. Yet they may take some comfort in knowing that even though they may not have been recognized as the Philadelphia group they still did the right thing.

When you go around doing the right thing today and don’t get noticed for it, just remember it is not the first time this ever happened to someone. Keep being faithful to your calling in helping people become free from their lives of sin. The ones you help are paying attention and that’s all that matters anyway

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