Don’t Tax Yourself!

For those of you doing your last minute taxes today, this devotional thought will be brief so that you can get back to filing!

The famous black baseball player, Jackie Robinson, who helped break down the racial barriers in major league baseball, went hitless this day in 1947 in his first major league debut. Sure he had pressure from the press and society in general to not make waves that day. However, he did not quit after today. He kept going. Because of his determination and skills, major league baseball retired #42 (no one else in the future will be allowed to wear the same number) for all teams on this day in 1997, the 50th anniversary of his move to “The Show”.

So you don’t hit every ball that comes your way. You don’t get everyone to come out to help volunteer for a project. The list can go on and on and ………….. Just don’t give up. One day the Lord will say to you, “Well done, good and faithful servant”. Now that beats any tax refund!

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