Steve Zimmerman

Get Out Of Your Box! God Did!

One of the most interesting men of the 20th century passed away this week in 1959. Some of his work is still around. The mark he left on our society was in the form of buildings. He definitely changed architectural thinking. This person was none other than Frank Lloyd Wright. He enjoyed getting out of […]

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A Velcro Easter

Before this week in 1978 we all had to do the old fashioned ways of keeping things together. But a revolution occurred that spring and life has not been the same since. If you are having trouble guessing what it is, can you say a six letter word – Velcro? You can find this stuff

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Dirty Respect

A few months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor that ushered us into World War II, a little girl was born in Memphis, Tennessee this week in 1942. The world would get to know her later on as Aretha Franklin, the famous soul singer. Probably one of her biggest hits was the song, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”. She

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Go Out and Live it Up!

They say that there are two things for certain in life – death and taxes. But it wasn’t always quite this way for us as Americans until 1913. This was the official week that the Internal Revenue Service began to levy and collect taxes. From what I see and hear, they look to be in

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Don’t Give Up Now!

Helen was in shock this day back in 1887! This was the day that her teacher didn’t give up on her. Other people had come and gone. They left the family with no answers to Helen’s problems. That was until Anne Sullivan came into the picture. She was persistent in helping this child be the

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So How Is Your Family?

Television has used the theme of families over and over again. From the vintage episodes of the Cleavers to today’s Black-ish, TV moguls want to tap into that energy to get us to watch their shows. There is just something about each one of us relating our lives to those families on the small screen.

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Mind Your Gap

You may have heard about the Australian subway passenger who failed to “mind the gap” this week. For some reason he was not paying very close attention and got his leg caught in between the subway and the entrance step to the train. He may have ridden this line many times before and took

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