God’s Recycling Program

America really took a big step in recycling on this day back in 1983! The Space Shuttle retrieved for the first time a satellite in space. It was not just your typical trip out to the curb with the recycle bin! I wonder if they had the logo of the green recycle arrows on the […]

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Develop a Good Game Plan Today

Soccer has been the attention lately in most of world. But Americans still love their version of football. One of the best football coaches that ever lived began his life today in 1913. It is none other than the great Vince Lombardi. You can’t say the Green Bay Packers without mentioning him. He not only

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What to do with a Doodler!

Where would the world be today without Mickey Mouse and all his friends? There would be a whole lot less smiles going around! And it was all because of a man named Walt Disney. Today in 1917 he graduated from high school in Benton, Missouri. Even before this special date in his life, Walt was

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Common Ground Makes Good Music

They say that music crosses over many boundaries. The tunes may be the same but the words may change from one language or culture to the other venues. Somehow the magic of music draws us together like nothing else. This was evident on this day back in 1969. Two music rebels came together to perform

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Don’t Give Up the Ship!

The war was raging in America in the summer of 1813. The new fledgling nation was still fighting the old enemy, the English. At times the English were winning this war. Even the national capital in Washington, D. C. was occupied by them at one time. It did not look good for the Americans. But

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Somewhere Under the Rainbow

Yesterday in my travels around Danville, Virginia I was in a rainstorm brought on by Tropical Storm Beryl. I was coming into town with sunshine ahead but raindrops on my windshield. I was in the right space to look for a rainbow. I was not disappointed! I saw a small section of the arc and

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Who is your Tonto today?

Harold J. Smith may have been born this day back in 1919. It’s hard to nail down a correct day for actors in Hollywood! They seem to fudge their ages just as bad as we do! Maybe you remember Harold better as the Indian friend, Tonto, to the Lone Ranger of the 1950’s movies and

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